Located in the Town of Westport, Between Lake Champlain and RT 9N& 22, just north of the south entrance to Arsenal Road ( Arsenal Road is a short U shaped road )

This cemetery was already neglected when Caroline Halstead Royce wrote "The History of Bessboro" in the early 1900ís. She mentions Tillinghast Cole as being buried here, but his grave cannot now be found. This cemetery is currently in very bad condition, overgrown with trees and undergrowth. Many gravestones are fallen and vandalized.

The following is an inventory of the Old Burying Ground as done by Mrs. Grace Smith in 1948. Transcribed to this list by Betty White (bwhite@westelcom.com )

Dorcas Snow, wife of Benjamin Snow, died Aug 31, 1881, age 64 years old

Roby Durfey, wife of Amos A. Durfey, died Feb 3, 1882, age 28 years

Charlotte Durfey, daughter of Amos & Roby Durfey, died March 1, 1819, age 17 days

Jane A Reynolds, wife of Geo. W. Fisk, died March 7, 1862, age 35 years

Josiah Fisher, wife of Edward F. Wood, died May 9, 1811, age 27 years

Sally Wood, daughter of Josiah Fisher and Edward Wood

Sally & Charles Loveland, children of Margaret Loveland

Eunice Calhoon, daughter of Joel A. and Perlina Calhoon, died March 1826; 9 days old

Elizabeth Barnes, wife of Jedutha Barnes, died July 20, 1833 age 60

Jedutha Barnes, died March 3, 1846 age 70

Elizabeth Barnes, died March 11, 1813, age 18 years old

Lucy Greely, daughter of John & Lois Greeley, died Nov 10, 1835 in the 18th year of her age

Jabez Frisbie, died March 16, 1844 age 42 years

Elizabeth, daughter of Jabez & Eliza A. Frisbie died Jan. 23, 1828, age 6 months

Thomas D. Jones; died May 17, 1818 in the 25th year of his age

Edward Cole died Jan 27, 1833, age 81 years

Sarah his wife, died Oct 28, 1832, age 85 years, both from Warren, Rhode Island

Ursula Cole, daughter of William & Ann cole, died 1818, age 9 months

Paul Cole, died Jan 15, 1857 age 82

Mary M. Culver daughter of Amos & Sally Culver died March 23, 1810; 10 days old

Charlotte Culver daughter of Amos & Sally Culver died Aug 21, 1822, age 2 years

Kendrick Howard died Nov 11, 1817, 21 years

Charlotte, Asa Havenís wife died Oct 19, 1844, age 40 years.