Compiled by Teresa LeClare  2001

Pine Ridge Cemetery North Hudson Road, North Hudson NY (Essex County)

Name: Bloomfield, Alvin P. born: 3/?/1798 died: 1/1/1863 age: 64 years 10 months

Wife-Phila Cummins

*Carter, William No Stone 5/17/1827 6/10/1879 Civil War Veteran

Wife-Phebe Phinney

Son of William and Mary

Syliva Carter

Note: William Carter lived on a ranch in Texas at the time of the Civil War. He was impressed into the Confederate Army in Texas and his Texas Ranch was confiscated. He later deserted and joined the Union forces. After his discharge, he married and lived for a time in North Hudson.

An effort is being made to secure his records of service so that a military stone can be secured to mark the grave.


Chellis, Sarah 5/?/1756 12/13/1817 61 years 7 months

Wife of Timothy Chellis

Chellis, Timothy 8/?/1769 10/11/1826 57 years 2 months

Wife-Sarah War of 1812 Veteran

*Chillis, Elizabeth 5/12/1732 12/8/1831 99years 6 months 26 days

Cummins Benjamin 1764 9/4/1826 62

Wife Catherine War of 1812 Veteran

Cummins, Catherine 1774 6/29/1845 71

Wife of Benjamin Cummins

Cummins, John 7/6/1798 2/3/1852 53 years 6 months 27 days

Wife Abigail

Son of Benjamin and Catherine Cummins


Lewis, Dolly (Dorothy) 1734 1849 85

Wife of Thomas Lewis


McIntyre, Charlote NO DATES

Daughter of Hial and Dolly McIntyre


McIntyre Fidelia 5/ /1846 11/21/1847 1year 6 months

Daughter of Hial and Dolly McIntyre


Pond, BenaJah 8/21/1805 2/6/1890

Wife- Julia Gould

Son of Hezekiah Pond

Pond, Benjamin 1768 10/4/1814 46 years

Wife Abigail Ashley

Son of Daniel Pond

Captain Russel Walkerís Company, 6th Regt. Arty. (Cooleyís) New York State Militia

( father of Ashley, Jared, Nathan, Laverna(married Clark Rawson) Lavina ( married Dr. Resolve R. Baker) and Clarissa( unmarried)


Pond, Jane 6/15/1835 7/4/1839 4years19days

Daughter of Benajah and Julia Gould Pond


Pond, Our Little Julia No DATES

Daughter of Bebajah and Julia Gould Pond


Pond, Julia Gould 1810 5/13/1871

Wife of Benajah Pound


Tromblee, Infant son 9/23/`870

Son of A. and C. Tromblee




* William Carter also is buried in a hidden cemetery about five miles down from Pine Ridge. It is my belief that one grave is his, and one is fathers, also named William but I can prove nothing. Nor can I prove which grave is William Carter born 1827. I can give you farther details on this since he is my 2nd great uncle.