List of People buried in Old Keeseville Burying Ground

The list was compiled by Misses Emma and Mary Conro and published in the Essex County Republican September 12, 1919.
NOTE: I found this list in the HAYES file in Albert Hayward's
files at Paine Library and thought I would make it available
to others. I am not certain if the list is complete, I have
written to the paper requesting a copy of that article.
Bettie Lawrence 4/23/99

Adams, Sarah
Adams, William
Adgate, infant
Aiken, Aigistus
Aiken, David B
Aiken, Eliza J
Aiken, John
Akey, Margaret
Allen, Caroline
Allen, Laura
Allen, Ralph, Dr
Allen, Ruth
Alls, M A
Ames, Lois
Ames, Robinson
Ames, Robinson
Ames, Sarah Lucretia
Bagley, David G
Bagley, Clarence
Baker, Milote
Barker, Maria
Ball, Samuel
Barker, Thomas
Barton, Eliza Lapham
Beach, Ardemus
Beach, Benjamin P
Beach, Benjamin P
Beach, Benjamin P
Beach Elah
Beach, Elar, Jr
Beach, Nancy
Beach, Nathan W
Beach, Phoebe
Beach, Sally
Billings, Dolly
Boardman, Abigail
Bostwick, Cyrus S
Bromley, Alex
Brown, Chilson
Brown, Erasmus
Brown, Stephen
Buckminster, Jane
Buckminister, Oscar
Buckminister, Richard
Campbell, Daniel
Carpenter, Percy
Chase, Martin
Church, (son of C)
Coffin, Warren J
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Nancy
Cook, Roxeyanna
Covel, Hilda
Covell, Mary
Covell, Joseph
Covell, Adria Maria
Covell, Alonzo
Craig, Harriet
Craig, Joseph
Craig, Louisa B
Cushon, John
Davis, Calvin
Densmore, Louisa
Drown, Hannah
Dundas, Robert
Dunning, George H
Dunning, Henri C
Dunning, Moses
Estey, Horace
Farnsworth, S
Farrar, R E
Felt, Desevignia
Finch, Delia
Finch, Loval C
Finch, Lucretia
Finch, William P
Fisher, Fayette
Fisher, N H
Fisk, Annette
Fisk, Eldridge G
Fisk, Elizabeth Sawyer
Fisk, Josiah
Fisk, Loraine (Ranney)
Fisk, Mary Keese
Fisk, Mary F (widow)
Fisk, Phoebe
Fisk, Josiah, Jr.
Flack, Mary A
Fuller, David
Fuller, Michael
Fulton, David
Gaines, Frederick
Gove, Frederick
Gove, Luther B
Gove, Sophia
Granger, Henry N
Graton, Martha (Finch)
Greeley, David
Hackstaff, Jesse L
Hackstaff, John
Harlow, Sarah
Harper, William H
Harrison, Frances E
Harrison, Thomas
Harvey, Charles
Harvey, Jane A
Harvey, Judson
Hayes, Aaron
Hayes, Abigail
Hayes, Charles
Hayes, Cinthia
Hayes, Delia
Hayes, Elizabeth (Taylor)
Hayes, Fanny B
Hayes, infant son
Hayes, infant daughter
Hayes, Jeremiah
Hayes, Thursey
Heutise, Catherine
Heustise, James
Heustise, Jacob
Holbrook, L L
Jackson, Olive
Jones, John B
Knowles, Jane
Lamb, (Rollins C A)
Lang, James Garret
Lang, Jennie
Lang, Peter
Lawrence, Augusta
Lewis, Catherine E
Mathews, Frances
Mathews, Wellington
Meader, Henry E
Miles, George W
Moore, William H
Morrison, Robert
Neher, Hurlbutt
Norris, Albert
Norris, Maria A
Norton, Judson
Patrick, Isabella
Paye, Alexander
Peabody, George J
Persons, Charlie A
Persons, Harriet E
Persons, Juliette M
Petton, Myron
Phillips, James W
Pine, Miranda
Pollard, Douglass
Pollard, John D
Pope, Abigail
Powers, Helen
Powers, Loraine
Powers, Stephen
Prescott, Abigail
...this is the end of the list that I had, I do not know if there are additional names or not. I have written to request a copy of the article in the 9/12/19 paper...

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