Cemetery at Big Hollow
                     This Cemetery is located at the base of Big Hollow Mountain,
                     in South Moriah, Essex County, New York
                     It is a small cemetery, but not to hard to find. 

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STANTON, Jemima, wife of Willis SPRAGUE, daughter of Elisha & Jerusha (STRONG) STANTON b. March 26,1820 d. Aug. 7,1890

WINTERS, Horatio M., son of John & Hannah (WALKER) WINTERS, husband of Hannah (STANTON) WINTERS b. Nov. 11,1818 d. May 14,1882
WINTERS, Hattie C.,daughter of Horatio & Hannah (STANTON) WINTERS, wife of Frank COLBEY, b. Nov. 26,1860 d. Feb. 11,1881
WINTERS, Hannah (STANTON) wife of Horatio WINTERS, daughter of Elisha & Jerusha (STRONG) STANTON,(Dear Grandmother) b. Jan. 25, 1824 d. 1913

LAING, John Garvin, b. 1852 d. 1933, husband of Effie (WINTERS) LANG
LANG,  Effie (WINTERS), wife of John LAING, daughter of Horatio & Hannah (STANTON) WINTERS b. 1852 d. 1933

MCGINNESS, Elmore L., Private Co. K. 156th, Depot Brigade, Camp Jackson SO. Carolina, Enlisted Sept. 9,1918, 	born Jan. 23,1893, died in Service Oct. 4,1918

WINTERS, Leafy, wife of Ashley WOODS, daughter of Horatio & Hannah (STANTON) WINTERS d. Feb. 8,1861, age 21 yrs.
WOODS, Minerva, daughter of A. & L. WOODS, d. Dec. 13,1864, age 5 yrs.

ALLEN, Abel, d. Apr. 2,1843, age 87 yrs.
ALLEN, Mary, wife of Abel ALLEN, d. Apr. 5,1855, age 94 yrs.
ALLEN, Abel, son of A. & M. ALLEN, b. Nov. 14, 1798 - d. Nov. 6, 1848, age 50 yrs.

All on the same stone;
BEERS,	Benjamin, Nov. 1,1875, 79 yrs.
	Susannah (BARTON), d. Aug. 11, 1892, age 82 yrs.
Below are all Children of Benjamin & Susannah (BARTON) BEERS
	Byron, d. 1855, age 15 yrs.
	Harriet, d. 1863, age 14 yrs.
	George W., d.  Jan 1, 1864, age 33 yrs.
	Horace, d. 1870, age 26 yrs.
	Rosella, d. 1829, age 2 yrs.
	Jane, d. 1829, age 1 yrs.
	Caroline, d. 1833, age1 yrs.
	Adeline, d. 1841, 7 yrs.

BEERS, Bennie, son of Seth & Nellie BEERS, d. Sept. 1, 1888, age 2 yrs., 2 m.
	Minerya A., Daughter of Seth & Nellie BEERS, d. Jan 14, 1898, age 16 yrs. 9 m. 23 d.

There is 21 grave markers placed around the cemetery with know names or dates.