SAMUEL JACKSON, Pioneer of the towns of Peru, Clinton Co.,  
& Chesterfield, Essex Co.,  NY.

Samuel Jackson was born on  March 23, 1760, probably in Voluntown, CT,
although records of his birth and baptism have not been found other than
in the undocumented History of the Jackson Family by Daniel Bowen
Jackson. Samuel was the son of Theophilus & Elsie [Stranahan] Jackson of
Voluntown, CT.  

Samuel Jackson moved with his parents to New Concord in the town of
Canaan in the early to mid 1760s and there he grew up helping to
establish the family farm in that area. He represented Canaan, in the
"War of the Revolution," serving as a private  in the 17th
Regiment of the Albany County Militia, (Land Bounty Rights), along with
his brothers Jacob & James. 

He married Betsy Finch c 1784/85.  Little is known about  Betsy Finch. 
Their first daughter, Abigail, was born in the New Concord area in 1786.
Betsy [Finch] Jackson was over 45 years of age in the census of 1810,
and so was  probably born 1760 - 1764.  She may have been the daughter
of Isaac & Abigail [Palmer] Finch, &, if so,  was  probably born 
Fredericksburg, Washington Township, Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess
County, NY.   About 1789, Samuel Jackson purchased land  in the town of
Peru, Clinton Co., NY.  The deed describing the sale of this land by
Samuel Jackson on 2 February, 1799, reported that this land was 
"Granted to said First by Isaac Finch."  Samuel's family was
recorded  in Canaan, Columbia County in the census of 1790 with two
small daughters. His family was also reported in the same  census 
living in Clinton County, NY. This double count suggests that they were
then in the process of establishing a new home in Peru.  Samuel, Betsy &
family  moved to Peru, Clinton County, NY, c 1790/1791.  There they were
close neighbours to many members of the Finch family including Isaac Sr.
Isaac Jr., James, John, & Justice, as well as Isaac Finch's
sons-in-law, Daniel Chapman, Sylvanus Palmer, & Robert Anson. 

The first annual meeting of the citizens of the town of Peru was held
in Samuel Jackson's log home on December 28, 1792, where  he was
appointed a "Qualifyed Pound Keeper and Damage Prisor."  He
continued to hold the position of Pound Keeper and Fence Viewer until he
& his family moved from Peru to the town of Chesterfield about 1799. 
About 1792 a blockhouse was built in the town of Peru by the Finch
families and their neighbours and it is likely that Samuel Jackson, who
lived nearby,  also contributed to that effort.  Fortunately, the
blockhouse  never had to be used for defensive purposes. The school tax
assessment list for residents of the town of Peru  dated October 1, 1798
included "Jackson, Samuel, 54 acres on the main road, joining John
Elmor.  One log house ($20).  One frame barn 40 x 30.  [Total assessed
value] $624."

Samuel Jackson's name and assessments disappear from the records of
the town of Peru in 1799 when his family moved a few miles south to what
became the town of Chesterfield, Essex Co., NY.  There, for $600, he
purchased  200 acres in the John William's Patent in the area  east of
the Augur Lake & Butternut Ponds. He is particularly remembered  in
Chesterfield's history  for his  walk high across AuSable Canyon on a
cedar tree, carrying an ox yoke to aid in the construction of a bridge
across that chasm. In the Town of Chesterfield  he was a member of the
Militia and is said to have been one of the  first Captains of the
Chesterfield Militia.  Samuel Jackson served as  a Private, in Company
2, 37th Regiment, 40th Brigade. of the US Militia under Lt. Col. Ransom
Noble, Majors John Richardson and Luman Wadhams, and  Captain Jonathan
Lynde.  The family history records that - "Samuel Jackson was a
veteran of the 1812 Conflict on Champlain... [he], Daniel's Father,
answered the call to arms to repel the invasion of the British at
Plattsmouth, leaving his son to care for the home and work.  When the
commissary men came around gathering supplies for the hastily summoned
men at Plattsburgh and the lake they pressed Daniel into service with
his team to haul the provision[s] [to Sackett's Harbour] which he did
- not unwillingly- and for which service he later rec'd a land grant
to lay on any unoccupied land in U. S. domaine.
The Jackson family is recorded in the census of 1810 and 1820   in the
town of Chesterfield, Essex County, NY.   In 1820 he was livng next-door
to his son, Daniel. The time & place of Samuel & Betsy's  deaths are
unknown.  The last known record of Samuel's life is his signature
dated May 5, 1825, witnessing a deed of sale of 50 acres of land by
Daniel Jackson, in the town of Chesterfield, to Enoch W Reynolds.

Eight children are known to have been born to this couple.

1.  Abigail, born Canaan, Col. Co., c 1786, married James H Stranahan c
1801.  They were the parents of two children, William & Elizabeth.  All 
lived & farmed  in the town of Chesterfield, Essex Co., NY., close to
the farm established by Samuel Jackson near [south-east of] Augur Lake
in 1799-1800.
Abigail's tombstone data informs that she was born in 1786 & died
1842/04/24.  Source - p 358, Vol 2, Headstone Inscriptions of Clinton
County, NY, compiled by Clyde M Rabideau.
Tombstone data from same source follows for other family members:
    James H Stranahan, born 1781, died 1849/02/06.
    William Stranahan:  b 1802/03/09, -  d 1861/04/17.
    Eliza, [wife of Enoch W Reynolds], b 1805, - d 1864/09/04.  All are
buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Keeseville.  Birthdates of William &
Eliza suggest that Abigail   married James H Stranahan c 1801.

2.  Mary / [Polly] born c 1788/1789, New Concord, Col. Co.,  married
William Cady c 1808/1809.  They were parents of seven children perhaps
including Samuel Jackson Cady, William Finch Cady, Daniel Cady and Eliza
Cady. The family lived in Charleston, Montgomery County, Peru &
Keeseville, Clinton Co., & the  Albany area.  Some members of the family
 later moved to Indiana.  William is reported to have died of Smallpox,
probably c 1836-1840.  The place & date of his death is unknown.  No
further information is known about Mary [Jackson] Cady's later life
and death.

3.  Daniel, born Peru, Clinton Co., c March, 1791, married Rhoda Ann
Cady, April 5, 1815 in Charleston, Montgomery Co., NY.  8 Children
survived to maturity.  They were: Julia Ann Jackson, b March 28, 1817; 
Sarah Jane Jackson, b June 11, 1820;  Samuel Doty Jackson, b March 24,
1824; Charlotte Elizabeth Jackson  b July 31, 1827; Daniel Cady Jackson
b November 16, 1830; Oscar Fitzgerald Jackson b February 18, 1833;
Martin Van Buren Jackson b December 23, 1836; and William Wallace
Jackson b November 12, 1839.  The first four children in this
family were born in the town of Chesterfield, Essex County, NY.  The
remaining family members were born in the town of Elizabethtown, Essex
Co. NY.
Members of the family moved to Wisconsin from 1848 - 1858 & lived in
Beloit, Sparta, Kilbourn City  and Eau Claire. Daniel & Rhoda Ann
retired to Sparta, Wisc. in 1858 where both died; Daniel, on December 4,
1864; and  Rhoda Ann  on January 23, 1879 aged  83.

4.  John, born 27 September, 1794 in Peru, married Harriet E. Tyler,
1802-1874, 4 children, Olive, John S, Caroline & Andrew.  John Jackson &
his family moved to Wisconsin c 1855 & settled in Eau Claire.  Several
members of this family are buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Eau Claire, WI.

5. Elizabeth, [Betsy] born, Peru, Clinton Co.,  20 Sept 1795; married
Dexter Gilbert, on 27 April 1817 in Marlboro, Windham Co., VT; died in
Enosburgh, Franklin Co., Vermont on 17 May, 1843. children: Rensselaer,
Oscar F., Washington Irving, Dexter and Elizabeth.  Dexter Gilbert
remarried and continued to live with his family in Enosburgh, VT. 

6.  Samuel, born in Peru, Clinton Co., 1797/1798; married c 1823,
family of 1 girl, age 5 &   under 10; 2 boys under five years of age in
census of 1830.  No information has been found regarding  this
family's whereabouts after 1830. 

7.  Sarah / [Sally] born Chesterfield, Essex co 11 September, 1801,
married  George Morrell  c 1820  and moved to London, Ontario, Canada.
George Morrell was born 1 May, 1798 and  died 29 March 1834 in London,
Middlesex County, Ontario, Upper Canada.  They had six children,
Isabella, Elizabeth, Sarah, Samuel, William Henry and John Hamilton.
Sarah died 6 April, 1854 in London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Upper
8.  Delia born c 1804/05, town of Chesterfield, Essex Co., is believed
to have married Charles Sherman  c 1823/24, as they had 3 children,
including one 5 and under 10, by the 1830 census. The family lived in
the town of Peru in the 1830 census; in the town of Chesterfield in
1840; in the town of Ausable in 1850, where Charles was listed -
occupation of  Labourer; & 1860, where Charles is not included, and most
of the family have moved on to live independently.  Children listed in
the 1850 and 1860 censuses include Phebe, b c 1830; Samuel, b c 1834;
Charles Jr., b c 1847; Mary J., b c 1840;  Elizabeth, b c 1842;  Helen,
b c 1844/45;  Prudence, b 1848. The names of any other children are
unknown.  Delia was born c 1804/05 according to the 1850 and 1860 census
information.  No other information has been found.

Note:  The information above on Betsy Finch, Abigail Jackson and Delia
Jackson is based on circumstantial information.  Research is
David Rogers,