Update to Ticonderoga Historian, and the Ticonderoga Historical Society.
Updates to the Essex County Photo Album, including some gravestone pictures
from Schroon Lake area cemeteries.

Adirondack Life, a magazine published in the Adirondacks about the Adirondacks,
is publishing a book called "Adirondack Tales" by Edna West Teall.
 This will be interesting to anyone that is a West relative or simply
interested in historical material of the Adirondacks.
 Edna West Teall is descended from the Minerva (Essex County, New York)
Wests (Ebenezer, Joseph, Ithamar, Joseph, Franklin Joseph, Edna Alma West Teall).
She grew up in Reber, Willsboro Township, Essex County, New York.
She married a New Yorker, Francis Teall, and moved to the Bronx, then New Jersey.
She eventually repurchased the old family farm in Reber and spent her summers there.
 The book contains many writings by her on life growing up in Reber in the late 1800's.
It also contains about 40 plates of her paintings depicting Essex County life.
Only 4000 copies of this book will be produced; they will be a hardcover heirloom edition.
Adirondack Life is taking advance orders for this book until February 15, 2001.
 The price is $25.95 plus $4.50 shipping.  New York state residents add 7% sales tax.
Send orders to Adirondack Life, Box 410, Jay, NY 12941.
Or call (800) 328-4461.  Or e-mail albusn@adirondacklife.com.
After February 15, the price of this book will be $29.95,
and availability isn't guaranteed.
I thought all of you would be interested.
Pass this information to others that you think would like to get this book.
With best regards,
Corinne Pulsifer