This is the work of the late Arthur A. Carr who lived near the cemetery. I have put all of his work in this file. He notes that “Jan 4, 1946 a copy of the will of Ethelinda Deall, a copy of which is in the hands of Mrs. Jane Lape the curator at the N.Y. State Hist. Assn Headquarters Bldg. In Ticonderoga calls upon her executor to preserve in good order the cemetery where her Husband and daughter are buried and further enjoins him not to dispose of it improperly.

            This would make it seem clear that the title to the present Streetroad Cemetery at that time reside in the Deall family” signed by Arthur A, Carr

This is his preface:

“Inscriptions from the Streetroad Cemetery, Ticonderoga, N.Y.

Survey made in the autumns of 1939 and 1940

This seems to have been the first public and common burying ground in Ticonderoga. It’s stones mark burials as early as 1808. There have been few burials here since the 1890’s. People that have been familiar with the situation for a long while tell me that many of the old stones have been removed. It is thought the fallen ones were taken out that mowing might be more easily done. Certain it is that there are many burials here that are unmarked; It is also stated by old residents here that there are some cases of burials being made above previous burials, the older graves being largely unmarked. At any rate it is here that the “rude forefathers of our hamlet sleep’” signed Arthur A. Carr


Transcriber Margaret Scuderi

Street Road Cemetery Listing