JOHN JACKSON,  1794-1880, son of  Samuel & Betsy [Finch]  Jackson, of Peru, NY.

Compiled by David Rogers, [great-g-g-g grandson of Samuel & Betsy [Finch] Jackson.]


Very little information has been collected until recently about the life & family of John Jackson after he left his father’s home in  the town of Chesterfield  as a young man.  Two helpful statements were known: 1.) the editor of the Elizabethtown Post & Gazette in the 19 December, 1909  issue, added a postscript to the obituary of Andrew Jackson, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, -  “Andrew Jackson was a son of the late John Jackson, the Mormon Elder who operated in Elizabethtown way back in the 40s.  Deceased was a nephew of the late Daniel Jackson.”   2.) The Jackson Family History  reports: “Although in “meagre circumstances they [Daniel & Rhoda Ann [Cady] Jackson,] took into their home Andrew Jackson, the son of Daniel’s brother John.”    Source – page 4, Jackson Family History by Daniel Bowen Jackson.

 In August, 2006, Louella Burke of Vernal, Utah, contacted Richard Greenough, a Jackson family researcher in Oregon, identifying herself as the great-granddaughter of John Jackson.  Through correspondence with Louella and further research more details have been added to the story of John Jackson’s life.  Much remains to be discovered. 


            JOHN4 JACKSON (Samuel3, Theophilus2, Robert1) was born 29 September, 1794 in a log cabin in the town of Peru, Clinton County, NY.  John Jackson was the fourth child in a family of eight, born to Samuel Jackson & Elizabeth7 [Betsy] Finch (Isaac6, John5, Isaac4, Isaac3, John2, Abraham1).  They had moved to Peru from New Concord, Columbia Co., NY about 1790 and their new  home was but a short distance from what is now the Blockhouse Cemetery on Bear Swamp Road. [Isaac Finch, and most likely, Abigail [Palmer] Finch, John’s grandparents, are buried in the Blockhouse Cemetery.]  In 1798 the Jacksons’ owned a 54 acre farm, a log house valued at $20.00,  & a frame barn 40’ x 30’.  Their property was assessed a value of $624. 

There are no   records of  John’s school days but it is likely that he & his older siblings began their education by attending the school organized and taught by the Rev. Soloman Brown, Baptist Minister & School Master.  Rev. Brown was  encouraged  to settle in Peru by Isaac Finch, John’s grandfather, in order to establish a Baptist church in that area.  The Brown  home was especially built to accommodate a classroom.  About 1800 the Jackson family moved a few miles south to the town of Chesterfield, Essex County, near Auger Lake & Butternut Pond. 

Samuel Jackson &  two of his three sons, Daniel & John, took part in the War of 1812.   John is listed as a private in  Captain Samuel Whitney’s Company, Chesterfield Company, 37th Regiment, which participated in the unsuccessful defense of Plattsburgh during  Murray’s Raid, on July 31 & August 1,  1813.  Several of his Finch & Stranahan cousins  are also listed as  privates in this company.  It is believed that this company of teenage  men also participated in the Battle of Plattsburgh in September, 1814.  Source -The Elizabethtown Record Post, April 23, 1925.

            John Jackson is noted in the History of Elizabethtown, by George Levi Brown, as a ‘Mormon Elder’ in the early 1840s in that  Essex County community. From what is known of John Jackson’s life and travels, it is more likely that he was active in Elizabethtown  a decade or more earlier, i.e. in the late 1820s.  Daniel Jackson, brother of John, and his wife, Rhoda Ann [Cady] Jackson were also reported to have been members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, [CJCLDS] although eventually they renewed their membership in the  Baptist Church.   As far as is known, John Jackson continued as a member of the CJCLDS   throughout his life.  What influenced John Jackson to join the CJCLDS, or when he joined, in unknown.

            Laura Brown, [c 1797-1829], daughter of John Brown,  married John Jackson by  1825, & perhaps earlier.  Laura apparently died in the Plattsburgh area,  sometime after  6 June, 1827, when her signature is found on mortgages and deeds relating to the purchase & sale of land. From the land deeds available in Clinton county it appears that they were farming in the town of Plattsburgh from about  1826 – 1828;  how much longer they lived in that community is unknown.

            John Jackson’s last purchase of land in Clinton County was on 12 July, 1828 when for $350.00 he bought one acre of land from his brother, Daniel Jackson.  This land was situated on the Ausable River in Keeseville and appears to have been in the same area where Daniel Jackson ran a distillery in the mid 1820s. What use  John Jackson made of  this property  isn’t known. 

Laura & John were the parents of Andrew Jackson, born 1826,  in Clinton County. After Laura’s death,  Andrew  was brought up by Daniel & Rhoda Ann Jackson in Elizabethtown and he moved to Wisconsin about 1849, at approximately  the same time as  other members of the Jackson & Knox  families.   A member of Daniel Jackson’s family in Elizabethtown,  appears to be the age of Andrew Jackson in the census of 1830 and 1840.

          After Laura’s death,   John Jackson moved to Canada West, in or near what is now London, Ontario, Canada, where his sister, Sarah, and her husband George Morrell were living.  There he married (2) Nancy Sawtle / Sawtell, on July 23rd, 1833, with George Morell, his brother-in-law, and Thomas Sawtle [Nancy’s brother], as  witnesses.  [George Morrell died on 29 March, 1834, leaving his wife and six children.  It is quite possible that  John Jackson lived with and assisted his sister during some of his time in the London area.]

          Nancy was the daughter of  Thomas and Rhoda (Downey) Sawtell, originally from Sidney, Maine. The Sawtell family moved to Niagara Co., NY, between  1815 and 1825, but prior to  1825.    They then  moved on to  London, Ontario for several years  and eventually settled in  Lapeer Co., Michigan. [Source – Michael Dolsen Sawtell Family Researcher.]

          Thomas Sawtell, Nancy’s brother,  settled in LaPeer County, Michigan and is found there in the census of 1850.   John & Nancy   became the parents of  Julia Ann, born  in June 11, 1836 and William LaFayette, born 20 July, 1838.  Both children were born in Canada.  No information has been found about Nancy’s death and burial; her death appears to have been c  1840, just before her husband relocated to an area near  Nauvoo, Illinois.

           John Jackson went to Lapeer, Michigan for a short time, presumably after Nancy died.    It was probably in Lapeer where he met with her brothers, Levi, b 1807, & John, b 1811.  From available records it appears that John Jackson was the first of this family to move to Nauvoo, Illinois, arriving there by 1840.  Levi & John Sawtell arrived later, perhaps in 1841 or 1842.  John Sawtell married Mrs Jemima Johnson at Nauvoo, Ill. on 24 August, 1842 and continued to live in IIllinois.  Levi Sawtell returned to Michigan, & lived in Flint for a number of years before settling permanently in Lapeer  near other relatives.                                                                                                       

           By 1840 John Jackson was living in  Hancock County, Illinois where many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints  assembled from about 1840 to 1845.  John Jackson was part of that movement and as a Proxy had several deceased  members of his immediate family baptized.     The Annotated Records of Baptisms for the Dead 1840 – 1845,  Nauvoo – Hancock county Illinois, Books A56 & A87,  record the  baptisms in Nauvoo, of Abigail Finch, Isaac Finch,  Laura Jackson, and Samuel Jackson  in 1841.  The baptisms of John Brown, Nancy Jackson, Olive Jackson, [presumed to have been the wife of Samuel Jackson, Jr.],  and Abigail Stranahan,   [wife of James H. Stranahan, town of Chesterfield, Essex Co., NY.] followed on 25 September, 1842 in Book C10A.  The baptismal  records reveal the relationship of John Jackson to each of his  relatives, named above. Of particular interest to the writer were the baptisms of Abigail & Isaac Finch, followed by statements that “John Jackson was the Grandson of Abigail Finch;” & “John Jackson was the Grandson of Isaac Finch.”  This document   establishes that Betsy [Finch] Jackson, mother of John, was the daughter of  Isaac Finch & Abigail [Palmer] Finch.

            Baptisms were also carried out for: Nancy Jackson, - “John Jackson was the husband of Nancy Jackson”:  Laura Jackson - “John Jackson was the Husband of Laura Jackson:” and   John Brown: – “John Jackson was the Son-in-law of John Brown.”

John Jackson was still living in the town of LaHarp, Hancock County, Illinois on  14 September, 1844,  when he named his brother, Daniel Jackson, of Elizabethtown, NY  as his “true & lawful attorney”   for the sale of the final piece of  property he owned  in Clinton county, NY.  This land was  sold  for  $60.00 on 7 February, 1845.  On that date, John was still  of the town of LeHarp, Hancock County,  Illinois.  It is not known what, if any  contact there may have been between John Jackson and his brothers & sisters in Wisconsin & New York after 1844.  None is recorded, but must have existed as family members in Vernal, Utah, in 2007 are knowledgeable of other Jackson family distant cousins in the Western US.

After the murders of Joseph & Hyrum Smith in 1844 in Illinois and the burning of  200 homes and farm buildings owned by members of the CJCLDS outside Nauvoo,  in  September, 1845, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints  moved west.  The first group to leave  from Nauvoo began their journey  on February 4, 1846.  The first group reached the Missouri River on June 14, 1846 taking more than four months for the trip. About 17,000 Mormons fled in wagons between March and October 1846 from attacks of mobs who were confused and enraged by the growing power, prosperity and peculiarities of the Mormon people, especially at Nauvoo.”  It is assumed that John Jackson was one of these.  Some  established a settlement called Kanesville, now Council Bluffs, Iowa, on the east side of the Missouri River. Others moved across the river into the area of present-day (north) Omaha, Nebraska, building a camp called Winter Quarters.

In 1847 the 1000 mile treks westward to the Salt Lake City area began.  John Jackson & his family participated in this move  in 1849 as members of  the last wagon train  to leave that year.  One source records that the Benson “train” included 182 people and 63 wagons.   Records of  the Latter Day Saints record that “John  [Jackson] (55),  his son (13), & daughter (11), traveled from Kanesville, Iowa, overland to Salt Lake City, Utah, leaving  July 15th and arriving October 25-29, 1849.”  Two groups traveled together.  John Jackson’s trail captain was Ezra Taft Benson.  A second group was led by George A.  Smith.

Brief items from several  letters give snapshots of the journey: 

July 4.  “Left Kanesville today with our teams along with several others, travelled about six miles & encamped with Elder Benson’s company on the Prairies.  Tarried until the Sabbath following when we moved about four miles further, toward the Missouri river, to embrace our turn in being ferried over the same, which we accomplished on Wednesday the 11th”……

            “On Saturday, the 14th inst., about noon, the last wagons left Winter Quarters, and began to bend their way westward over the boundless plains that lie between us and the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.  Slowly and majestically they moved along, displaying a column of upwards of 300 wagons, cattle, sheep, hogs, horses, mules, chickens, turkies, geese, doves, goats & c. & c., besides lots of men, women & children…. provisioned for nine months from the time of starting.  They were led by Messrs. George A. Smith & Ezra T. Benson….” The Last Train – Frontier Guardian, 25 July, 1849, page 2.

            July 31.     “Camp travelled about 21 miles, over sandy & miry roads, dust flying some part of the way, so as to nearly blind ones eyes.  Several wagons were mired.  One axletree and guide broken….” Source - William I. Appleby, Autobiography & Journal.

“We now proceeded on our Journey to Salt Lake.  We had a few stampedes on the road, one on Elk Horn, but no damages until we arrived at Willow Springs east of Sweetwater.  Here we encountered a severe snow storm, freezing 17 head of cattle and 1 horse in 1 night.  Snow fell nearly to the top of our wagon covers and we had to dig our way out… “

“We started on July 15th.  During the long journey across the plains we encountered many hardships.  Among them were a great stampede of buffalo and a terrible snowstorm,…. We reached Salt Lake Valley October 29th.  Several of the Brethren came to meet us with ox teams at Emigration Canyon, among them President Brigham Young…” Source – Gunnell, Francis Wilson, Autobiography…

 “Our statistics are [as] follows, as near as we can ascertain at present: - 129 Wagons, 4 Ponies, 74 Chickens, 2 Marriages, 467 Souls, 514 Oxen, 22 Cats, 2 Births, 125 Men, 243 Cows, 26 Dogs, No Deaths, 23 Horses, 70 Loose Cattle, 21 Ducks, 157 Guns, 1 Mule, 100 Sheep, 4 Turkies, 38 Pistols, 12 Pigs, 2 Doves,…”  Source – letter by George A. Smith and William Appleby, 12 August, 1849.

               John Jackson & his family lived in Utah  for  about 10 years after their arrival in  the west. 
In the Federal census of 1850 his family is found on page 39, in Great Salt Lake County, Utah.  Jackson family oral  history reports  that John Jackson  was active in the church of the Latter Day Saints at Kaysville.  
The dates during which he served in that location are unknown. His son, William LaFayette Jackson,  married  Ellen Mary Wilson, of Ogden, on 23 July, 1864.  She was born 25 August, 1849, the daughter of Thomas Wilson and Ellen Neilson. They had a family  of nine. The first three were born in Ogden Valley,  [Huntsville], Utah. About  1871, William &  family  moved from Utah to  Southern Idaho, to the Marshvalley / Downey area where they farmed for many years and where the rest of  their children were born. 

                Julia Ann Jackson married  Lawrence Baldwin, c 1858, place unknown.  All  5 of  Julia Ann & Loammi Baldwin’s family  were born in California.  Their first child, Collin W. Baldwin was one year of age by June 13, 1860, the date of the 1860 census.  On 23 March, 1860, Loammi. G. Baldwin, “of the county of San Joaquin,”  purchased a farm from George S. Baldwin & Sarah, his wife, for $2000.00.  Their farm consisted of two blocks of land; one, of 241.09 acres,  which was owned outright; the other was an “undivided  third interest” in 120 acres of land. [Vol. 10, pages 288, 289, 290]  On 24 April, 1860, Loammi G Baldwin sold this one-third interest in the 120 acres to Alexander Burkell for $800. [Vol. 10, pages 355, 356] On 30 September, 1867, Loammi & Julia Ann Baldwin sold the remaining part of their farm to David A. Learned for the sum of $6000. [Vol. 17, pages 527, 528] It is supposed that this is about the time  the Baldwin family moved to San Andreas, Calavers County, California where Loammi Baldwin, farmer, and his family are found in the August, 1870 census.  Loammi died 22 April, 1872, in Stockton and his funeral was held in  the First Baptist Church in that city.  Julia Ann & most of her family continued to live in the Stockton area for the remainder of their lives.

            Despite several searches, John Jackson’s name has not been  found in the 1860 and 1870 US census.  About John's later years—we know that he was in Salt Lake City in the early 1870s for "temple work" at the Endowment House (a temporary sort of temple while the Salt Lake Temple was under construction). The IGI citation for his temple work there is clear.  His sealings were recorded in Record Book H  covering 30 Oct 1871 to 5 June 1873 according the International Genealogical Index (IGI) citation.   In 1880 John Jackson was living with his daughter, by then a widow, and her family.  It is as yet unknown when John Jackson moved from Utah to California.  One can speculate that he moved to California to assist his daughter after her husband died in 1872 but no documentation of this has been found.

Julia Ann Baldwin, widow, her family, and John Jackson, farmer, are recorded in the California census in 1880 as residents of Stockton, San Joaquin County, California.  Julia Ann Baldwin  died Nov 13, 1897, age 61 &  is buried in the Stockton Rural Cemetery, Stockton, San Joaquin County, CA beside her husband.  John Jackson is  buried nearby.  John Jackson’s tombstone is inscribed  “born September 29, 1794, died October 7, 1880  - Native of Clinton Co., NY. -  Soldier In War of 1812.”



             Andrew Jackson,  born in Clinton County, NY in 1826 and attended school in Pine Grove, & grew up with Daniel Jackson’s family on their farm on the lower slopes of Hurricane Mountain, near Elizabethtown, Essex County.  He went west, as did all of this Jackson family, to Wisconsin in 1849, first  to Beloit, then after living at Kilbourn,  Milwaukee, and Sparta, he  moved to Eau Claire  in 1859, where he spent the rest of his life.  He owned & operated a  jewelry store, and a farm, and his special interest was  trotting horses.  In 1860 he  married  Miss Marietta Blood, born 1829, daughter of Amasa Blood, of Essex County, New York.  They were the parents of  four children, Charles, b 1864, died 1870;  Minnie C., b December 12, 1866, died March 16, 1888, buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Eau Claire; Arthur, b 1873 who married Clara Scott Mosher on 31 January, 1894; and Amelia,   whose dates are unknown. Maryette Blood died at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in 1878, and was buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery, Eau Claire. Later that year he married  Hannah E. Blood (cousin of Maryette)  at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on 2 December, 1888.   Andrew Jackson died in Eau Claire on 11 November, 1909 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.


            Julia Ann [Jackson] Baldwin  was born  June 11, 1836 in London, Ontario, Canada;  she died of Meningitis on Nov 13, 1897,  in Stockton, California.  Julia Ann married  c 1858,  Lawrence Baldwin, also known as S. G. Baldwin, and Loammi. He was a native of Wayland, Massachusetts, where he was born November 1, 1822;  he died  22 April, 1872.  Loammi had previously married Julia Ann Swaggard, date unknown.  They were the parents of  Nebraska Ann who was born while traveling from Illinois to CA in a wagon train.   Julia Ann Swaggard  Baldwin, died in Rough and Ready,  Yuba County, California on 11 Sept 1856. Her grave has not been found.  Loammi’s second family, all born in California, included Collin W., b 1859; Julia, b 1861; Lucie E., b 1864; George C., b 1868; and Mary E., b 1871.   In the 1860 census, the Baldwin family were living in Castoria Township,  San Joaquin County, California and members included Loammi G. Baldwin, 33, born Massachusetts,  his wife, Julia A, age 24, and a son, Collin W, age 1.  Ten years later they were living in San Andreas, Calaveras County, Ca. with their four children, i.e. Collin W., age 10; Julia A., age 8, Lucy E., age 6; and George C., age 2.  Several members of this family are buried at the Stockton Rural Cemetery.  These  include  Julia Ann; her husband, Loammi; her  father, John Jackson; George C Baldwin, & Collin Baldwin.  Alice E Baldwin and Mary Gardner, wife & mother-in-law respectively of George Baldwin are also buried in the Stockton Rural Cemetery. 

a.   Collin W. Baldwin was born in 1859, probably in Stockton, California,   and died in the same city  on 9 December, 1932.  He did not marry. 
b.    Julia Ann Baldwin was born  c 1862; she married a) Frank K. Lewis on 25 December, 1884 in San Joaquin Co., Ca.; b) she is referred to as the late Julia A. Brown in the death notice of her brother, George C. Baldwin in 1928. Frank K. Lewis in 1884 & 1888 was listed as a drayman living at 272 Stanislaus St., Stockton.  It appears that this couple moved from  the  Stockton area and no other Information on dates of death or family, if any, has  been found.
c.   Lucy E. Baldwin, born April, 1861, married John L. Poynor on 20 February, 1887 in San Joaquin Co., Ca.  John died, near Escalon, Ca on 20 September, 1936 and is interred at Park View Cemetery.  Lucy died in Stockton on 4 November, 1945.  Their children, as listed in Lucy’s death announcement, were Henry Poyner, Stockton; Mrs Julia Lamey, San Francisco; Nell Yates, of Stockton; and Edna Poynor.  Other information is unknown.
d.   George C Baldwin, was born 1 April, 1868 in Calaveras Co., Ca.; died in Avena, 6 December, 1928.  He married  Alice Gardiner, born 20 Dec., 1871.  She died on 16 August, 1923, and is buried in the Stockton Rural Cemetery.  No children.
e.   Mary E. Baldwin, known as Mamie, was born 1 October, 1870,  in Calaveras Co. and died, near Ceres, Stanislaus Co, Ca., on 4 May, 1945.    Mamie E. married James B Poyner on 9 October, 1895 in San Joaquin Co.  James Poynor died in Stockton on 18 September, 1927 and is buried with his wife in the Park View Cemetery.  Children listed in John’s death announcement were  Leroy B., Douglas and Ethel Poynor, Mrs. Elma Harrison, Mrs Ila Esterbrook, and Mrs. Althea Mondon.
               William LaFayette Jackson, born 20 July, 1838, in London, Ontario, Canada, married Ellen Mary Wilson on 23 July, 1864 of Ogden, Utah.  She was born 25 August, 1849, the daughter of Thomas Wilson and Ellen Neilson. William Jackson’s family lived in Ogden Valley (Huntsville), Utah until about 1872 when his family moved to southern Idaho,  Marshvalley / Downey, Idaho where they farmed in Oneida County and are located in the census of 1880. William Jackson’s family returned to Vernal, Utah in the fall of 1894 where William died on October 12, 1915.  He is buried in the Vernal Cemetery close to other family members.  Mary Ellen died on 10 May, 1924, in San Diego, California.  Children: 
a.  William Lafayette Jr., b 7/4/1866 in Huntsville, Utah; died Marsh Valley, Idaho  2/2/1891; 
b.  Charles, b 3/29/1868 in Huntsville, Utah; d 12/6/1910;  Vernal, Utah.
c.  Samuel, b 8/30/1870 in Huntsville/Ogden, Utah; d: 1/1/1901, Vernal, Utah.  Unmarried. 
d.  Alvira Ellen, b 3/29/1873 in Marshvalley, Idaho;  d: 1/2/1942 in Idaho.   
e.  Charlotte, b 10/16/1875 in Marshvalley, Idaho; d: 12/31/1961  in Redmond, Oregon; died in       California, 1962.  
f.  John,  b 4/30/1878 in Marshvalley, Idaho;  d: 5/30/1954 in Eugene, Oregon. 
g.  Mary Emma, b 4/24/1882 in Marshvalley, Idaho;  d 7/21/1960, Moses Lake, Wa.
h.  Daniel Levi, b 10/11/1884 in Marshvalley, Idaho; died 2/15/1972 in Vernal, Utah.
               Married Ellen Sessions, b 24 Feb. 1889; died17 Aug. 1964;  9 children.
i.   Julia Elizabeth,b 9/20/1889 in Marshvalley,Id.; died in San Diego, Ca. 5/23/1963.  
         Married  Patrick J. Slattery.
               It is possible, but unproven, that John Jackson was also  the father of John S Jackson, born 20 October, 1823 in Rochester, NY.  John S. Jackson moved to Wisconsin from New York State  about 1846 and  lived most of his life near Eau Claire where he farmed.  The Death Certificate of John S. Jackson identifies John Jackson as his  father and  Harriet Tyler as his mother. The Death Certificates list each parent  as having an “unknown” birthplace.  Daniel Bowen Jackson, author of an informal   Jackson Family Genealogy, identifies John Jackson, son of Samuel, as the father of John S. Jackson.  This information, one assumes, came from Jackson family sources. On the other hand, John  was a very common first name in many Jackson families.  No other linkage with the family of John Jackson of Peru, NY has been found. Information on this family follows in hopes that perhaps someone will be able to shed  light on the origins of this family.]  
               John S. Jackson, was  born on 20 October, 1823 in Rochester, NY; he died 20 Nov. 1910, and is buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. John S Jackson was  a pioneer, nicknamed  “Strawberry” Jackson, a  berry farmer and nurseryman who moved to Wisconsin Territory in 1846 and homesteaded  in Eau Claire County in 1855. His wife was Caroline E., [Morgan?] 1826 – 1911.  Children:  Fedelia, b 1848; Eveline, b 1849; William A., b 1850;  Mary E., b 1853; Clarence, b 1857; Herbert J. b 1859; Carrie, b 1862;  Emma,  b 1863; Erva, b 1865; Erwin A., b 1865.  All members of  this family were born in Wisconsin.  
Conclusion: John Jackson led an interesting life.  He no doubt  helped his father clear their pioneer farm in Chesterfield.  He participated in the War of 1812 as did many, many others in Northern NY.  He was probably one of the first  converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Clinton/Essex County area and shared his faith there as a Mormon Elder.  He demonstrated his faith by following the  builders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints through turbulent times in Nauvoo and Kanesville and by wagon train  to Salt Lake City.  He was the first of the Jackson family who  is known to have crossed the Plains to Utah & California.
               There is still much to be learned about the life of John Jackson who did not leave  written records or  other accounts of his life, his family or his  travels.  It would be appreciated if readers or others   who have additional information  and who identify corrections to the information presented   in this article would send their comments to  David Rogers e-mail address:     


Acknowledgements & Thanks –
               To Louella Burke of Vernal, Utah, granddaughter of William LaFayette Jackson, who has made available & shared much of the information presented in this article about  John Jackson & Nancy Sawtell’s family.  
        To Richard Greenough, genealogist, of Portland,  Oregon, who has   contributed a great deal of  time and expertise in search of  John Jackson’s life  & family.



[These records were dated 1841 and September 25th 1842 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois where John Jackson lived from approximately 1840 – 1849.  Following that date he moved west to Utah & California where he died in 1880 in Stockton.  The “Baptism” records include other members of the Jackson family who were deceased at the time of the Baptism.  See below:]


“Proxy:            JOHN JACKSON


Gender: Male

Surname:          Jackson

Given name:      John

Birth date:         29 September 1793 (1794, 1795)

Birth place:        Peru, Clinton, New York

Father:              Jackson, Samuel

Mother:             Finch, Elizabeth

Spouse:            Laura

Spouse:            Brown, Nancy


Comments:  John was a member of the Sixteenth Quorum of the Seventy in 1845.

Source:  Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead;   Family Search, Ancestral File.]


Deceased:        John Brown

Gender: Male

Surname:          Brown

Given name:      John


Proxy’s relationship to deceased:       John Jackson was the Son-in-law of

John Brown.

Date of proxy baptism:                        September 25 1842 (Evening)

Officiators:                                           Graham Coltrin, Leonard Soby

Source:             Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book C10A


Deceased:        ABIGAIL FINCH

Gender: Female

Surname:          Finch

Given name:      Abigail


            Proxy’s relationship to deceased:       John Jackson was the Grandson of

                                                            Abigail Finch.

Source:             Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book A56.


Deceased:        Isaac Finch

Gender: Male

Surname:          Finch

Given name:      Isaac


            Proxy’s relationship to deceased:       John Jackson was the Grandson of

Isaac Finch.

Date of Proxy baptism:                        1841

Source: Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book A56.


Deceased:        LAURA JACKSON

Gender: Female

Surname:          Jackson

Given name:      *Laura              

Spouse:            Jackson, John

      Laura Brown, daughter of John,  married John Jackson before 1826 and she apparently died in Plattsburgh about 1829 or 1830. It appears that Laura & John were the parents of Andrew Jackson, born 1826 and brought up by Daniel & Rhoda Ann Jackson in Elizabethtown. It is also possible that John was the father of John S Jackson, born c 1823 who moved to Wisconsin about 1846 and lived most of his life in Eau Claire where he farmed. John S. Jackson’s Death Certificate recorded that his mother was Harriet Tyler and his father was John Jackson. After Laura’s death, John Jackson  moved to London, Ontario where he married Nancy Sawtle or Sawtell. George Morell, his brother-in-law, was a witness to this ceremony.  John Jackson & Nancy Sawtell were the parents of two children, William LaFayette Jackson and Julia Ann Jackson.  Both were born in Canada.  Nancy died before 1840/1841 and about that time John Jackson moved to Hancock Co., Illinois where members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had gathered.  From there he and his two children moved to Utah, travelling by wagon train in the summer & early fall of 1849 in a company headed by Ezra Taft Benson.


Proxy’s relationship to deceased:       John Jackson was the Husband of Laura Jackson.

Date of Proxy baptism:            1841

Source:             Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book A87


Deceased:        NANCY JACKSON

Gender: Female

Surname:          Jackson

Given name:      Nancy

Maiden name:    Brown

Spouse:            Jackson, John


Proxy’s relationship to deceased:       John Jackson was the Husband of Nancy Jackson.

Date of proxy baptism:                        25 September 1842 (Evening)

Officiators:                                           Graham Coltrin, Leonard Soby

Source:             Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book C10A.


Deceased:        OLIVE JACKSON

Gender: Female

Surname:          Jackson

Given name:      Olive


Proxy’s relationship to deceased:       John Jackson was the Brother-in-law of Olive Jackson.      [Olive apparently was the wife of Samuel Jackson Jr. her background is unknown.]

Date of Proxy baptism:            25 September 1842 (Evening)

Officiators:       Graham Coltrin, Leonard Soby

Source:             Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book C10A


Deceased:        SAMUEL JACKSON

Gender: Male

Surname:          Jackson

Given name:      Samuel


Proxy’s relationship to deceased:       John Jackson was the son of Samuel Jackson.

Date of proxy baptism:                        1841

Source:             Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book A87.


Deceased:        ABIGAIL STRANAHAN

Gender: Female

Surname:          Stranahan

Given name:      Abigail

Proxy’s relationship to deceased:       John Jackson was the Brother of Abigail Stranahan.          [wife of James H. Stranaha: They  lived in the  town of Chesterfield, Essex Co., NY.]

Date of Proxy baptism:                        25 September, 1842 (Evening)

Officiators:                                           Graham Coltrin, Leonard Soby

Source:             Nauvoo Baptismal Records of the Dead, Book C10A.”



1.  Relates to the life & family of Caroline Jackson, another daughter of John Jackson who has been identified.  
She is Caroline Finch, see information below.
2.   The National Archives has a Land Bounty Application from John Jackson which gives some details on his ecord in the War of 1812.  
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Caroline Jackson married Martin Finch (William7, Joshua6, Isaac5, Isaac6, Isaac3, John2, Abraham1) born 21 June, 1810 in Jay, Essex County, NY.   
Caroline was born c November, 1822 in Chesterfield, Essex Co. New York, the daughter of JOHN JACKSON &  LAURA BROWN. 
It appears that after her mother's death, Caroline was brought up by the family of James H. and Abigail [Jackson] Stranahan of Chesterfield, NY.  
Abigail [Jackson] Stranahan was the oldest sister of John Jackson.  
Caroline died 07 Apr 1899 in Keeseville, Essex Co., New York and is buried beside her husband in the Evergreen Cemetery, Keeseville, NY.  
Her husband, Martin Finch,  became a prominent lawyer and citizen of the town of Keeseville, Essex County, NY.  
Martin  was educated at Williams College in Massachusetts, and the bar of N.Y.State in 1842. 
He entered the law office of Thomas A. Tomlinson at Keeseville as a student and later was taken in as a partner. 
He was also associated in the practice of law with Ira S.Smith and later with F. A. Rowe at Keeseville. 
Mr. Finch was supervisor of the town of Chesterfield from 1847 up to the time of his death on 21 Dec., 1890, with the exception of two terms. 
He served Essex County as member of the Assembly in 1862 and 1863, as district attorney from 1864 to 1867 in addition to various lesser offices…. 
He retired form active business about 1889. Source - Carol Earnshaw by e-mail, December 24, 2009.  
He was for many years a member of the Keeseville Congregational Church.  
Caroline & Martin had a family of five: 
i.	ELLA9 FINCH, b. 1844, Keeseville Essex Co. New York; d. of consumption, 09 Apr 1872, 	Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois. 
She married ALBERT MARTIN FORBES 1867, son of ALBERT 	FORBES and HANNAH FINCH. He was born 20 Jun 1840 in Willsborgh Essex Co. New York, 
and died 02 Apr 1902 in 650 West Monroe St. Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois. One 	daughter, CARRIE E. FORBES was born 1868 in Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois. 	
She married MORRIS BLACK. He died 07 Apr 1899 in English Channel, England.  	According to the April 7, 1899 Plattsburg Sentinel  
-"Mr. and Mrs. Morris Black, of 	England, were two of 	the passengers who were on the ill-fated steamer that went down	in the English Channellast week."
ii.	ALICE "ABBY" FINCH, b. Aug 1846, Chesterfield Essex Co. New York; d. 24 Oct 1926, 	Essex Co. New York; m. FRED E. STAFFORD; b. Brooklyn, New York.
iii.	HENRY OLDER FINCH, b. 07 Jun 1848, Keesville Essex Co. New York; d. 27 Aug 	1879, Guilford, New Haven Co., Conn. Rev. 
Finch was a graduate of the University of	Vermont and had for somewhat more than a year been acting as pastor of the first Congregational church of Guilford,Conn., 
when he drowned.
iv.	JULIA FINCH, b. 1858, Keeseville, Essex Co., New York; d. bef. 1870, Keeseville, 	Essex Co., New York.
v.	CARRIE FINCH, b. 15 May 1862, Keeseville, Essex Co. New York; d. 12 Aug 1919, 	Keeseville, Essex Co. New York. Not married.  Birthplace Keeseville, 
Cause of Death epithelium.	Father -  Martin Finch born Jay, N.Y.  	Mother Caroline Jackson born Chesterfield. Place of burial, Evergreen Cemetery, Keeseville, 
NY.Death Certificate  filed 	8/12/1919 Source of information about Caroline Jackson and her family  - Carol 	Earnshaw, by e-mail,  December 24, 2009.

JOHN JACKSON'S WAR RECORD.	John  Jackson is listed as a private in Capt. Wadham's Company for which he received a bounty land grant of 160 acres in Minnesota 
-  which was  given up and later sold to Lars Enderson on August 1, 1866 

Records Below - Received from National Archives, Washington, Bounty Land Application,  dated 27 Oct. 1855.  	John Jackson No. 228719
War of 1812		S. O?	24.479	
			S. C.  15395	Service - Pri, Cap't Lyman Wadham's Co, N. Y. Militia.

Territory of Utah  	ss
Great Salt lake county	

		On this 27th day of october one thousand eight hundred and fifty five; personally appeared before me Elias Smith, Probate Judge duly authorised to 
administer oaths within and for the county and Territory aforesaid  John Jackson aged 61 years, a resident of Davis County, who being duly sworn according to law,
 declares that he is the identical John Jackson who was a (Substitute,) private in Capt. Wadham's company of Essex county drafted Militia of the state of new York, 
Commanded by Col. Clark, in the war with Great Britain, declared by the United States on the 18th day of June, 1812; that he was drafted in the forepart of the fall 
of 1813 for the term of three months, and continued in actual service in said war for the term of fourteen days and was hononorably discharged at Plattsburgh on 
or about the first of December 1813.  Had no written discharge.  He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which he may be entitled 
under the act approved march 3, 1855.  He also declares that he has not received a warrant for bounty land under this or any other act of Congress, nor made any 
other application therefore.
			[signed]		John Jackson.

We, Elnathan Eldredge and Louis R. Chaffin, Residents of Great Salt Lake city in the Territory of Utah, upon our oaths, declare that the foregoing declaration 
was signed and acknowledged by John Jackson in our presence, and that we believe, from the appearance and statements of the applicant, that he is the identical 
person he represents himself to be.  
			[signed]	Elnathan Eldredge
				Louis R. Chaffin